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Foto: N. SchulzeRon Agenant grew up in Cape Town and Amsterdam and currently lives in Berlin.
He studied mime 3 years at the "Etage", school for performing arts in Berlin (1987 - 1990)

Ron works as a freelance mime performer, director and teacher since 1990
since 2004 as Contact improvisation dance teacher and performer, 
since 2000 as Yoga teacher.

He is co-founder of the meanwhile multi-prize acclaimed mime-group "Mime Crime"
1997 he founded with prize acclaimed entertainer Bartuschka the "Modern Mimes" (since 2002 known as "Fast Fool Theatre" ) which has meanwhile staged 4 productions.
Ron's profession has taken him all over Europe, China, Israel and the USA.  

"Since the end of my mime studies in 1990, I receive great pleasure and inspiration in my ongoing studies in the fields of performance and physical arts, led by all the great adepts of theatre, dance and yoga.”

such as:

Improvisational Theatre
-Keith Johnstone                            
-Philippe Gaulier                             
-Ryszard Nieoczym

Contact Improvisation and Dance
-Nancy Stark Smith                         
-Frey Faust
-Dieter Heitkamp
-Kurt Koegel
-Elisabeth (Libby) Farr
-Howard Sonenklar

Movement and Mime Theatre
-Yves Marc (movement theatre)
-Claire Heggen (movement theatre)
-Maya Brosch (Mime Corporel).
-Shanti Oyarzabal (movement theatre)
-Yumiko Yoshioka (Butoh)
-Minako Seki (Butoh)
-Kim Itoh (Butoh)

-Andrzej Sczcuzewski (Mime)
-Dzidek Starzinowski( Mime)


-Daniel Orlansky


Teaching References

+ 1997 und 1998: Mime teacher in the ETAGE/ Berlin (officially recognised school of performing arts)

+ since 1997 Coach for Bartuschka (Mime Clown, CABINET-cabaret prize for Comedy in 2004 and Emmendinger cabaret prize in 2007)

+ since 2001 Teacher of Mime & “Contact Improvisation Dance” at the Humboldt University Berlin

+ 2004 Workshop-director for "Mime" at the international theatre festival "Greizer Theaterherbst”

+ 2005 Workshop-director for "Mime" at the international theatre festival "Greizer Theaterherbst "

+ 2006 Mime-project for juveniles/ Schwedt/ Germany

+ 2006 Seminar “Improvisation & Mime” in Eberswalde/ Germany

+ 2006 Seminar "Improvisation & Mime" together with Bartuschka for “Landesbank BerlinGermany

+ 2007 cultural internship for high school graduates in Jena - WS-director "mime"

+ 2008 partner yoga seminar Cologne/ Germany

+ 2008 cultural internship for pupils Greiz/ Germany

+ 2008 mime workshop for children in Heidelberg/ Germany commissioned by the Royal Academy of Dance   

+ 2008 yoga teacher in the Technische University Berlin


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